UK VoIP Provider

VoIP2Go provide Voice over Internet phone service to homes and businesses throughout the UK. From simple pay as you go phone service for a single user, to powerful Hosted PBX solutions for a large number of employees working in different groups from multiple offices.

Whichever plan you you choose, all VoIP2Go Customers have access to the full range of features on offer. Unlike most other UK VoIP Providers, we do not charge monthly fees for our call features as we believe they are an integral part of our overall service. The way we see it, the more features we provide, the more you will use and recommend our service to others.

We encourage you to use VoIP equipment from our preferred partner Cisco as it is very reliable and easy to setup and manage, however you are welcom to use your existing VoIP equipment, software or Phone App to make and receive calls. Whichever way you connect to the VoIP2Go phone service, we will do our best to support you via email, LinkedIn Group, UK VoIP Forum or a good old-fashioned telephone call.

VoIP2Go is unique in a number of ways. We are the only UK VoIP Provider to support the use of monitored security and telecare systems over our service as our platform originates from an alarm monitoring network. We are also the only UK VoIP Provider to allow calls within your local area network to send voice packets (RTP media) directly between on-premise VoIP devices. Calls between remote offices also go direct between the two locations which is especially important if your business has offices overseas. Our goal is to always get you the shortest route between your VoIP equipment and the far end. For those of you who are technical in this area, we use Direct Media and do not Proxy Media through our servers.

Our web site is designed using the very latest technology so that it displays well on all popular smart phones. You will find our VoIP Platform simple to use, yet very powerful - if you want it to be. You can add as many VoIP devices as you like and you have control over settings at the device level. You can setup an IP address filter for additional security so that we only accept calls from certain IP addresses. You can set a default rate of Value, Standard or Prime for each device so that some of them always get the lowest possible cost and others always get the highest possible quality by default.

You can set a Country Code and Area Code for each device so that you can make local calls without dialing an area code or calls within a particular country without dialing the Country Code. You can even set a Preferred Server so that calls always go through a specific server that has proven to be the best at handling calls for a particuler device.

Going one step further, you can control all of the above settings at the Phone Number level via the use of our Phone Book. It allows you to handle calls to individual phone numbers in a specific way. For example, you could set a default Tier of Value so that you always get the lowest rate, yet calls to a specific number in your phone book could be forced to use the Prime Tier which will give you the best quality. If you want to get really picky, then you can even specify the actual Carrier you want to terminate calls to a specific number.

If you call someone often and you know they have a VoIP Phone, then you can add a SIP URI to your Phone Book so that calls to a particular number bypass the PSTN and go direct to the SIP URI of your Contact's Phone. This one feature alone can save you a lot on call costs. Allowing calls to a SIP URI is quite technical and not everyone can do it. This is why we allow you to set an 'On Net Provider' so that we can attempt to connect your calls directly to the VoIP Provider being used by the person you are calling.