Alarm Line Subscription - £5 per Month

Compatible with all Alarm Systems

When you expect the same reliability and call clarity as traditional telephone lines, VoIP2Go Alarm Lines are the modern day equivalent. Originally designed for businesses who rely heavily on the ability to always make calls, our Alarm Line service focuses more on reliability than cost. You pay just £5 per month on a PayPal subscription and then make call credits through PayPal whenever your credit runs low. It's as simple as that.

We strive to keep our Alarm Line Customers up and running even when our partners, or our own network is experiencing a failure. We've had a lot of experience in this area and we know how frustrating it is to be without service. You will not find such a high level of commitment and service with any other VoIP provider in the world, let alone the UK.

We provide great technical support and will work with you on your business continuity or disaster recovery plans. If you are prepared for all eventualities, there is no reason you should ever be without phone service.

Cisco SPA112

VoIP2Go Alarm Lines work best with Cisco VoIP equipment. Linksys, Grandstream and Obihai VoIP devices also work well.

Intruder Alarm System

VoIP2Go Alarm Line is the only VoIP service in the UK that is compatible with every make and model of security alarm and Telecare/Lifeline system

Alarm Monitoring

The VoIP2Go platform has built-in support for monitoring of alarms. We can even provide an operator based service where a police response is not required.