Phone 300 Plan

300 minutes per month for just £3.25

The VoIP2Go Phone 300 Plan is designed for people who need to make a small number of calls each month but don't want to be tied into a lengthy contract. We won't ask you any personal questions, we won't ask you to sign anything and you are free to take your business elsewhere whenever it suits you.

The Phone 300 Plan includes 300 minutes of calls to UK landlines, however, in order to provide maximum flexibility for our Customers, we also allow calls to UK mobiles and International destinations. The way this works is when you make a call to a mobile network with a rate of 4p per minute, then 4 minutes are deducted from your monthly allowance for each minute you remain on the call. Another example would be making a call to Australia, which has a rate of 2p per minute. 6 minutes would be deducted from your monthly minutes for a 3 minute call to Australia.

So that you are always able to make calls even after using up your 300 minute allowance, you have the option of maintaining a pay as you go balance in your account. The cost of any calls made after your 300 minutes have been used up, are deducted on a call by call basis from this balance. Once your PAYG balance gets low we will send you an email reminding you to top it up.

The VoIP2Go Service

We will setup your account as soon as we receive your payment into our bank account. This is currently done manually for new accounts, so please allow up to 12 hours for this to happen. We will send you an email containing all the information you require to setup your VoIP equipment or software so that you can start making calls. You are welcome to call us on 0161 660 7475 at any time during the setup process. We will answer your calls and solve any problems in a professional manner.

We understand that our VoIP service must be easy to get started and that's why we offer telephone support to help setup your equipment. We also understand that there must be a worthwhile reason for you to switch to our service in the first place and that's why we price our rates at levels that allow you to make savings on call costs compared with our competitors. We work closely with our partners to remain competitive and we always pass on savings to our Customers. Our job is simply to keep everything running smoothly. It costs just £3.25 to get started with the Phone 300 Plan, so why not give us a try...