Obihai Technology

Our Preferred VoIP Equipment Manufacturer

VoIP2Go work closely with Obihai staff in the UK to bring you the most feature rich Voice over IP service on the market. We take advantage of their reliable hardware, comprehensive firmware and OBiTALK Cloud based device management portal to make device setup as simple, yet as powerful as possible. Here are some of the most popular Obihai devices that you can buy on Amazon:



The OBi200 is the most popular single line Obihai Voice over IP adapter used with the VoIP2Go Phone Service. Setup is a breeze and you can easily make and receive calls using either your VoIP2Go account or via the OBiTALK cloud platform.



The Obihai OBiWiFi wireless adapter allows a USB-equipped OBi device to connect to the Internet over a Wi-Fi network. With OBiWiFi, you have the freedom to place the OBi VoIP phone adapter anywhere within range of your Wi-Fi network.



The OBiBT Bluetooth adapter allows a USB-equipped OBi device to pair with a mobile phone so you can place and answer calls using any standard home phones connected to the OBi. The OBiBT works with most Bluetooth enabled mobile phones.



The OBi202 has two phone ports and is ideal for use with the VoIP2Go Phone Service if you have two phone numbers. VoIP2Go can provide you with two incoming phone numbers and the Obi202 will give you control over outgoing Caller ID.



At under £30 the Obi100 is the lowest cost Voice over IP adapter in the Obihai range which makes it very attractive in cost sensitive applications. It has a single phone port but the same powerful features as all the other models.



The Obi110 has a single VoIP phone port and a PSTN failover port so that you can continue to make and receive calls through your landline if your Internet connection fails. You can make and receive calls via your PSTN phone line via the Obi110.

Which Obihai equipment should I choose?

The Obi100 and Obi110 are the original and older models. The Obi200 and Obi202 are the newer models that support Wifi and Bluetooth via USB accessories. If you want a simple VoIP service and are looking for the cheapest way to get started, then the Obi100 is your best option. If you need to make and receive calls via your existing landline, then then choose the Obi110.

If you have simple requirements and can afford to pay just a little bit extra, we recommend you purchase the Obi200. If you need to use two phones at the same time, or have two incoming phone numbers that you want to keep seperate, then the Obi202 is your best choice. If you are still not sure, just drop us an email or give us a call.