OBi544vs VoIP and PSTN Service Bridge

Suitable for Businesses with 4 PSTN lines and 4 VoIP extensions

If your business is not ready to let go of your telephone landlines just yet, then the OBi544 makes a great replacement for your trusty old analog PBX. It allows for seamless bridging of calls between PSTN and VoIP.

The OBi544vs has four RJ11 FXO ports to connect your POTS analog telephone service circuits. Calls can be made or answered from regular analog phone handsets connected to any of the four FXS extensions.

Easily switch between your analog telephone service and VoIP2Go VoIP service. VoIP2Go takes advantage of multiple VoIP service providers behind the scenes so you only need to maintain a single VoIP account.

If being without phone service even for the shortest of intervals would cause big problems for your company, then not only do you need to keep your PSTN lines, you also need to use a VoIP provider that makes network redundancy it's highest priority. VoIP2Go is one of the very few VoIP providers to take DNS redundancy seriously when many others do not seem to know or care about the risks.

VoIP2Go has also planned ahead for Denial of Service attacks that have wreaked havoc on many VoIP providers over the last few years. Again, no other VoIP provider has taken the steps that we have to keep your VoIP service going when we get caught in the crossfire of a DDoS attack.

If you are more interested in business continuity than scraping around to save fractions of a cent, then you can't go wrong hooking up and Obihai OBi544 to VoIP2Go.