OBi508vs Eight Port VoIP Gateway

Great for Businesses with up to 8 Phone or Fax Extensions

Businesses using VoIP2Go or premise-based IP PBX platforms like Asterisk, FreePBX, PBX in a Flash and others can leverage the OBi508 phone ports as either user phone or fax extensions. VoIP2Go users can securely manage the OBi508 from either the VoIP2Go or OBiTALK cloud-based management portals using a web browser on any device. With so many options available to make your life easier, you'll be very happy you retired your old analog PBX.

Using any combination of VoIP2Go features like Calling Queues, Ring Groups, Call Forwarding and Simultaneous Ring, you can make sure that calls always end up in the right place. The high level of redundancy in the VoIP2Go network is all handled behind the scenes, so you can stop worrying about what will happen during network failures and Denial of Service attacks. VoIP2Go and the OBi508vs have it covered.

The VoIP2Go partnership with Obihai brings you the best of both hardware and software innovation. VoIP2Go will do whatever it takes to make sure you get the most out of your OBi508vs.

USB Accessories

The OBiBT USB to Bluetooth adapter allows for pairing a mobile phone’s cellular service to the OBi508vs as an available service to originate, terminate or bridge calls. The OBiLINE USB to FXO adapter can be used to add fully-routable PSTN / analog telephone service circuits to the OBi508 for and 'any-to-any' voice switching matrix.

Key Hardware Features

8 FXS Ports for Analog Phones, Faxes and Legacy Systems.
POTS Line Port with Relay for failover during power outages.
Three USB Ports for connecting Obihai USB Accessories.
Line-In and Line-Out Audio Ports for Music-on-Hold and Paging.

Key Software Features

Call Signaling for Up to 8 SIP-Based Voice Services (UDP/TCP/TLS).
Globally Localizable: Allows for Country-Specific Dialing, Ringing and In-call Tones.
Management via VoIP2Go or the OBiTALK Cloud.