OBi504vs Four Port VoIP Gateway

Ideal for Small Businesses with up to four phones

The OBi504vs is a great device for voice and fax applications within a small business environment. VoIP2Go can leverage the OBi504 phone ports as user phone or fax extensions and take advantage of the built-in paging functionality.

The equipment is easily deployed in almost any voice and data networking environment with the help of the powerful OBiTALK cloud-based management portal. It can be securely managed from a web browser on any device connected to the Internet.

VoIP2Go allows you to use the OBi504vs to make and receive phone and fax calls as well as bridge mobile, PSTN and VoIP services together. T.38 support provides for reliable facsimile calls.

USB Accessories

The OBiBT USB to Bluetooth adapter allows for pairing a mobile phone’s cellular service to the OBi504vs as an available service to originate, terminate or bridge calls. The OBiLINE USB to FXO adapter can be used to add fully-routable PSTN / analog telephone service circuits to the OBi504 for and 'any-to-any' voice switching matrix.

Key Hardware Features

4 FXS Ports for use with Regular Phones, Faxes and Legacy Systems.
PSTN Line Port with Relay for use in the Event of a Power Outage.
3 USB Ports for use with supported Obihai USB Accessories.
Line-In and Line-Out Audio Ports for Music-on-Hold and Paging.

Key Software Features

OBiTALK Calling for Voice Communications between OBi Devices and Smart Phone Apps.
T.38 Real-Time Fax over IP, G.711 Transparent Fax.
Call Routing and Bridging Technology for Full-matrix Switching amongst VoIP, Land Line or Mobile Phones.