Feature Rich 3 line IP Phone

VoIP2Go take advantage of the OBi1032 from Obihai Technology so that small businesses can get maximum performance from our Hosted PBX Platform. The task of exposing PBX features is tackled using a combination of phone hardware and platform software. Features can be used either locally within the OBi1032 itself, or remotely within the VoIP2Go Hosted PBX servers. The end result is a flexible telephony solution with a very high level of availability and failover.

We go to extraordinary lengths to keep our service fully operational and we chose to partner with Obihai because their equipment facilitates the sharing of that burden. The OBi1032 has features and settings that allow us to control how it behaves in the event of server outages or denial of service attacks. The OBi1032 can easily detect server failures and switch to alternative servers within minutes. It has all the features you expect when used in combination with a Hosted PBX.

IP Phone

OBi1032's can be setup and managed in a number of different ways. You can either do everything in-house, we can do everything for you, or you can mix and match. This high level of flexibility is made available in the powerful firmware and facilitated by the OBiTALK Device Management Portal. VoIP2Go are an approved Obihai service provider and settings for our Hosted PBX solutions can be downloaded directly from the OBiTALK Portal.

Gone are the days when you need to troll through dozens of pages of technical manuals just so that you can start making and receiving calls. All of the complexity is hidden because the OBi1032 configuration settings are updated automatically via the Cloud. Hosted PBX just doesn't get any simpler than VoIP2Go with an OBi1032 IP Phone.

Some of the features you might like are Speed Dialing by buddies or numbers (E.164 or URI). There is a Personal Phone Book and each entry has multiple numbers, photo and grouping. Hot and Warm Line calling is a breeze. Local mixing on 5-way conference calling. A large TFT RGB display gives you a visual indication of what is going on under the bonnet.. The Line, Feature, Mute, Speaker and Headphone keys are illuminated. There are also Keypad, Home, Cancel/Return, 5-way navigation plus 4 context sensitive soft keys. There are individual adjustments for the ringer, headset, speaker and handset. Your privacy can be protected by taking advantage of SIP over TCP with TLS. There is a configurable Contact List for inbound call routing, plus you can use the Do Not Disturb, Caller ID and Anonymous Call Block features to stop calls from pushy sales people. The Phone Book has an Import/Export/Sync function with Call History and Picture Caller ID. Oh, and don't worry about anyone running away with your OBi1032 as it has a Kensington Lock Port that fits to standard locking apparatus to keep it secure.