International VoIP Provider

VoIP Servers around the Globe

If you have offices overseas then the physical location of VoIP servers becomes critical. There's no point a UK business having employees in their American office making calls to Customers within America and the voice communications have to pass through servers in the UK. VoIP equipment in your international offices should always connect to a server in the same country and in the same city where possible.

VoIP2Go places particular importance on connecting both your local, regional and international office extensions together using the shortest possible route. Even if the extensions in your New York office are connected to a server in Lnodon, then the voice portion of calls between two extensions within the New York office should not be bouncing back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean. Internal calls should be just that. You may require an external server to connect the two extensions together, but the actual conversation should stay within your local network. The security benefits are obvious and the call quality is too.

The same applies to connecting remote extenstions in different cities or countries. VoIP2Go connects calls between your extensions directly together without passing through a 3rd party server. Using the shortest possible route like this, your calls encounter the minimum possible latency (delay) and you get crystal clear communications as a result.

North America

We have VoIP servers right across the USA and Canada. From Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal in Canada, to Los Angeles, New York and many US cities in between.


We have VoIP servers in three different data centers in London. We also have servers in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Paris and Stockholm for your European offices.

Asia Pacific

For your Asian and Australasian offices, you can connect to our servers in Tokyo, Hong Kong or Singapore. We are planning a second server in Hong Kong and a new one in Sydney, Australia by the end of 2017.