UK Phone Number

£2 per month

We can provide you with a UK phone number in your chosen area code which includes an unlimited number of incoming calls each month.

We support phone number porting from a limited set of local UK carriers. The current list is as follows: BT, Colt, Gamma Telecom, Global Crossing/Level 3, Magrathea, Mintaka, Simwood ESMS, AQL, Verizon and Voxbone. If your phone number is with another carrier then please let us know the phone number and carrier name and we can check with our partners if the number can be ported.

The cost is £20 to apply and unfortunately we do not receive a refund if the number port is rejected by your existing provider. This charge is incurred by VoIP2Go during the porting process and we simply need to cover our costs.

You can connect any number of devices to our network and receive calls to any of them in sequence or all of them at the same time.