The VoIP2Go Group on LinkedIn

Our LinkedIn Group is the best place to find out about VoIP2Go, however, this page lists some of the most frequently asked questions

Can I use my existing VoIP equipment?

Absolutely. We encourage you to do so for our basic plan. The only time we will ask you to use a specific make or model of device is with our premium plan. Even then, you are still welcome to bring your own device (BYOD). See Device Setup

Can you send me a pre-configured VoIP adapter or IP Phone?

We can certainly point you in the right direction. We are an approved partner of equipment manufacturer Obihai and it is very simple for us to configure and manage your VoIP adapters and IP Phones through their OBiTALK platform. All you need to do is connect any Obihai device to your network to start making and receiving calls.

Do you offer any PBX features?

We offer the most commonly used features like IVR's and Calling Queues which basically allows you to use our service as a hosted PBX.

Do you allow multiple users on a single account?

Yes. We refer to them as sub-accounts and you can add as many as you like. You can see call records on a sub-account basis but all calls are billed to the main account.

Do you charge for each user or device?

No. We only charge for calls that are made from your main account and any sub-accounts.

Can I make calls with a softphone or a VoIP App on my mobile phone?

Yes you can. You can have them all connected to our service at the same time and you will be able to make outgoing calls from any of them.

Can I receive calls on my mobile phone?

It's possible - but not that simple. This is a very new area and there are many 'interested parties' that would like to prevent you from doing this. There are however some smart phone App developers doing everything they can to make it possible. Keep an eye on cSIPSimple if you have an Android phone and Acrobits if you have an iPhone. There are very few VoIP Apps available for Windows Phones at present but we hope that will change.

Do you support Simultaneous Ring?

Yes. If you have one of our incoming phone numbers (DID's), then we can setup a Ring Group for you so that all registered phones will ring at the same time when there is an incoming call.

How many calls can I make at once?

Basic incoming phone numbers (DID's) ordered through us come with two lines (channels) so you can make or receive a maximum of two calls at the same time. The first 3500 minutes of incoming calls per month are free. We can also provide phone numbers (DID's) with multiple lines (high channel capacity) which are billed per minute on incoming calls.

Do you have servers overseas?

Yes, VoIP2Go is an International VoIP Provider and we have access to over 60 servers in dozens of countries worldwide to give your overseas offices the best possible call quality when calling in-country.

Will you refund my credit if I stop using your service?

Yes. Well, most of it anyway. We deduct 10% to cover our bank/PayPal charges to make the refund. We understand that there are any number of reasons you might want to stop using our service, however, we would always welcome you back as a Customer at any time and promptly refunding your credit without any questions is our way of saying "come back soon".