Calling Queues

Answer Customer calls one by one

A popular feature for businesses, Calling Queues allow you to manage incoming calls and have your customers wait in a queue until someone answers their call. Many calls can be held in a queue on a first in, first out basis. Only 'members' can answer calls from the queue and there are two types of member - Static and Dynamic. Static members are always 'connected' and can answer calls at any time. Dynamic members need to log in first to let the system know that they are available to answer calls.

The advantage of Static members is that as long as they are registered to the VoIP server, they do not have to log into the queue using the *11 and *12 commands. The disadvantage is that Static members are unable to log out of the queue, so the system assumes they are able to answer calls at all times.

There is an option for Music to be played for your Customer while they wait in the queue. You can also setup a Join Announcement. This is where a preset recording plays when a Customer enters the queue. This is often used by sales departments, so that Customers hear a recording of all our products and services as they wait.

Calls are distributed amongst members handling a queue with one of several Ring Strategies:

Ring all: ring all available member phones until one answers.
Least recent: ring the last member most recently called by this queue
Fewest calls: ring the one with fewest completed calls from this queue
Random: ring each phone in no particular order
Round Robin Memory: Remember where were on the last ring pass

The 'Ring in Use' setting lets you avoid sending a call to a member whose device is currently in use.