UK Call Rates

Just 1p a minute to call landlines and 4-10p a minute to mobiles

VoIP2Go rates are comparable or lower than most of our competitors, however, it's the flexibilty of our service and call quality that sets us apart from the rest. Call rates are the same whether you chose our basic Outgoing Call plan or Alarm Line Subscription. Both operate on a prepaid pay as you go basis, so once your credit runs low, you will receive an email alert and you can simply top up your account via PayPal.

Calls to some premium rate services are disabled by default so you don't need to worry about running up an unexpectedly high bill. There is a maximum call cost setting that allows you to manage your risk.

Landlines & VoIP

Geographic numbers - 1p
08, 01180, 01181 - 1.5p

Mobile Networks

Orange: 4-10p
O2: 4-10p
T-Mobile: 4-10p
Vodafone: 4-10p
Virgin: 4-10p
HG3: 10p-12p

Not Allowed

Premium Rate Numbers
Manx and Jersey Mobile