UK Call Rates

Just 1p a minute to call landlines and 4p - 6p a minute to mobiles

VoIP2Go rates are comparable or lower than most of our competitors, however, it's the flexibilty of our service that sets us apart from the rest.

You can switch your default service tier between Value and Premium in our web platform. Value gets you the lowest cost possible and Premium gives you the highest quality available. If your service tier is set on Value by default, you can switch to Premium by dialing a star code before the phone number to switch to maximum quality on a call by call basis. Of course, you can always view your call history online at any time to help you balance quality against cost.

Calls to some premium rate services are disabled by default so you don't need to worry about running up an unexpectedly high bill. There is a maximum call cost setting that allows you to manage your risk.

Landlines & VoIP

Geographic numbers - 1p
08, 01180, 01181 - 1.5p

Mobile Networks

EE: 4-6p
O2: 4-6p
T-Mobile: 4-6p
Vodafone: 4-6p

HG3: 4-6p

Notable Exceptions

075,076,077,078,079 - 22p
070 - 31p
Maximum call cost in place