International Call Rates

Gone are the days when it cost you an arm and leg to make international calls

If you are paying anything more than just a few pence per minute to call most countries around the world, then you may be interested in our low international call rates. Of course, with a little bit of technical know-how, you can make calls to any VoIP2Go Customer for free - regardless of which country they are in.

VoIP2Go is particularly competitive for calls to North America and we can connect you to your family and friends in 48 US States for a penny a minute and most Canadian provinces for even less. And don't forget - all calls are VAT FREE!

North America

United States - 1p per minute
Hawaii - 1.7p per minute
Alaska - 3.2p per minute
Canada - 1p per minute
301, Yukon, NWT & Nunavut - 1.3p


Most Cities - 1.2p to 2.4p
Premium (13) - 2.4p per minute
Mobile (614, 6116) - 8p
Mobile (6114) - 12p
Other - 2.4p

Rest of the World

International calls to some countries are disabled by default for security reasons, however, we can enable any number of countries upon request and our rates are very competitive.