A penny a minute to landlines

Calls to mobiles from just 4p

Outgoing Call Plan

A Focus on Simplicity

We don't tie you into a contract and we won't charge you for features you don't use. At VoIP2Go, we don't tell you what VoIP equipment you can and cannot use. Whichever device you choose, we are ready to get you making and receiving calls.

Alarm Line Subscription

Compatible with all Alarm Systems

If you have a security system that is monitored, then being without phone service is simply not an option. You can take advantage of our highly resiliant network to keep your alarm monitoring service working over your Internet connection instead of your BT phone line.

As the UK's most flexible provider of Voice over Internet phone service, we do everything in our power to get you up and running as quickly as possible. You can open an account with as little as £5. Download a pre-configured version of the Zoiper softphone onto your computer or Mobile Phone and start dialling.

Obihai VoIP Equipment

Quality and Flexibility

Obihai manufacture a range of VoIP adapters, gateways and IP Phones that enhance VoIP2Go Phone Service. If you do not have VoIP equipment already, we highly recommend you consider the Obihai range of products.


Cloud based Device Configuration

Configuring VoIP equipment can be very time consuming. The OBiTALK device management portal overcomes this problem by allowing you to download the most suitable, pre-configured group of settings for your requirements.

You can order the Obihai range of analogue terminal adapters or IP Phones online from Amazon or directly from any other VoIP equipment supplier. You have the option of configuring the equipment yourself, handing over management to us or a mixture of the two. All of this is backed by first class UK based support and it is this flexibility that makes Obihai our preferred VoIP equipment manufacturer.

Prefer to Bring your own Phone?

No problem. We offer a personal service and are happy to help you with the initial setup and ongoing management of all your favourite devices and Apps via email.

We can manage your Cisco, Linksys, Grandstream or Obihai VoIP equipment from our web platform. Simply download our custom settings into your device and we'll take care of the rest.

Our flexible VoIP service allows you to make and receive calls from any number of devices. Use any VoIP App on your smart phone and take VoIP2Go with you wherever you go.

Avoid expensive equipment upgrades. VoIP2Go is the only Voice over Internet phone service in the UK that is compatible with every make and model of Security Alarm and Telecare System.