A penny a minute to landlines

4p - 6p to mobile phones

Phone 300 Plan

300 Minutes Per Month

This our entry level plan and costs just £3.25 per month. You have the option of maintaining an additional 'Pay as you Go' balance which will be utilised when you have used up your monthly minutes allowance.

Phone 1000 Plan

1000 Minutes Per Month

Ideal for home or business, this plan costs £8.95 per month - which works out at less than a penny a minute for calls. When comparing plans with our competitors, remember that we do not charge VAT on top of any of our prices.

As the UK's most flexible provider of Voice over Internet Phone Service, we do everything in our power to get you up and running as quickly as possible. All it takes to get started is a simple transfer into our bank account for as little as £3.25. From that point on you can pay monthly by standing order or PayPal subscription.

VoIP Equipment

IP Phone, Adapter or App

You can use any make or model of IP Phone, VoIP adapter, softphone or Mobile App with the VoIP2Go Phone Service. If you do not have VoIP equipment already, we highly recommend you consider the Cisco range of products.


Web based Device Configuration

Configuring VoIP equipment can be very technical and time consuming. The VoIP2Go management portal overcomes this problem by allowing you to download a pre-configured group of settings for your requirements.

You can purchase any make or model of VoIP adapter or IP Phone online from Amazon or any other VoIP equipment supplier. You have the option of configuring your equipment yourself, handing over management to us or a mixture of the two. All of this is backed up by first class UK based support and it is this flexibility that makes VoIP2Go so simple to get started - and to keep going.

Want to Bring your own Device?

No problem. We offer a personal service and are happy to help you with the initial setup and ongoing management of all your favourite devices and Apps.

We can manage your Cisco, Grandstream or Obihai VoIP equipment for you. Download our custom settings into your device and we'll take care of the rest.

If you are new to VoIP, don't worry. We will help you every step of the way. We prefer the human approach and a good old telephone call.

VoIP2Go is the only Voice over Internet phone service in the UK that is compatible with every make and model of Security Alarm and Telecare System.

Would you like a FREE VoIP Adapter?

Simple. Head on over to UK VoIP Forums who are giving away dozens of Obihai VoIP adapters over the next few months. The best part is, they are pre-configured with 30 free minutes of VoIP2Go phone service.